Teen Challenge


Vision Statement – Teen Challenge International of Mid-America
Our vision is to be a Christ-centered ministry setting the standards for excellence in helping those with destructive lifestyles, impacting our area of influence with programs that bring freedom from addictive behaviors through faith in Christ.

Nobody has worked harder and done a better quality job than the teen challenge workers. They have been asked to do hot, hard, heavy work in 100 degree weather. Everything is done to the highest standard. Good enough is not good enough. These young men set a higher standard – all work is done exactly as requested. They have a much higher work ethic than the folks working on my kitchen.

They have hauled rock, moved boulders, dug trenches, built flowerbeds, hauled horse manure, compost, gravel and sand. They tilled, mowed, edged, weed whacked, weeded, watered, dug out huge tree stumps, landscaped with only modest tools and minimal instruction.

All this when they weren’t pouring concrete and building driveways, sidewalks, a patio, carport, building stone retaining walls, removing brick walkways.

They are working for the Lord, at my place.


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