Car crash in the garden

Last Wednesday night, a little before 10 o’clock, there was a big whump, the ground trembled, and headlights were shining in our window. Then, police lights and sirens, and we ran outside to see what was going on.

A police chase ended in our front yard when a kid in an old Cadillac ran into our new retaining wall. The car ran up onto our side walk and tore up my new flower beds with trial roses in them. The police had the kid on the ground as soon as he got out of the car. The kid (the driver) was handcuffed and in the back of the police car in a flash. The kid said “I have my rights,” and the officer said that he had some rights too as he pushed the driver in the back seat of the police car. Deafening sirens and flashing lights were still blaring.

The Cape Girardeau police were chasing a kid who ran from them after he was stopped for drag racing. The driver of the Cadillac turned out his lights and drove down our remote street trying to evade the police and smacked into the wall.

We took some pictures of the crash, the car was towed off our wall/sidewalk, and we called the insurance guy the next day.We are getting estimates to repair the wall and the police report should be ready tomorrow.

Still, the wall and the oil-covered sidewalk are only part of the damage. The flower beds are torn up and the newly reseeded lawn was wrecked. That leads me to the photos. This is a new Paprika Rose lying in the ruble. These blooms are what it may look like next year, if it survives. Nobody was hurt. Just a summers worth of landscaping was destroyed.


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