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If you haven’t had a chance to read GRIT Magazine this month, I want to share this great idea:
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Grit’s Great Big Gift Guide has something for everyone on the list.
November/December 2007

Helping Hooves, (Ho, Ho, Ho!)

Last year, I gave my mother a water buffalo for Christmas; she was thrilled. Since Mom has spent a lifetime caring for others, she was happy to continue that tradition with a donation in her name to Heifer International – an organization devoted to caring for the earth and ending world hunger and poverty.

This year, why not just buck the materialistic mayhem and present your friends and family with a card acknowledging the gift of a water buffalo (or sheep, chickens, goats or geese) to a family or village in need. Needy folks around the world will be thankful for your extra effort, and you’ll be able to deduct the expense ($10 and up) from your taxes to boot.
Where to Buy: Heifer International, www.Heifer.org
Phone: 800-422-0474 (toll-free)

Also, the neighborhood association where Mom lives has some restrictions regarding home based businesses and live back yard compost production. Besides, how do you wrap a water buffalo?

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