Thinking Spring

I’m Thinking Spring.

It’s a long way from Ground Hog Day to Spring. But real gardeners are already preparing. I am reading and studying the seed catalogs. I like the paper copies for reading and planning, but I usually order on line.

I have had great success with Renee’s Garden seed. I order the combination seed packets Like the Tricolor Pole Beans and tree colors of cherry tomatoes to give variety in my small garden.

Why I Grow Pole Beans:
Vertical Gardens Save Space

Tricolor” Pole Beans:

Renee’s Exclusive – A blend of three colors of pole beans that makes good use of limited space. Extended heavy harvests of delicious gold, green and purple pods. Thee beans extend the reason: Blue Lake, Yellow Pole Wax and Purple Peacock.

Why I Grow Cherry Tomatoes:
They are the first tomato to ripen.

“Garden Candy” Cherry Tomatoes:

Renee’s Exclusive – color-coded seeds enable gardeners to grow three premium varieties of luscious gold, red and orange cherry tomatoes from one convenient packet.

The rainbow of tomatoes add a gourmet touch. If you close your eyes, regardless of color, all these tomatoes burst with sweetness in your mouth. They add variety and are beautiful in any summer recipe. And, who needs a dozen yellow cherry tomato plants in their home garden?

Renee has a great article, Starting Tomato Seeds Indoors-
Technique Tips with Photos .

Banish Winter by ordering seeds and planning this springs garden.
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