Cape Girardeau Flood Gates Are Closed.
Several people have called or emailed asking if we are OK.
We Are OK.

We are safe. Many of the small towns surrounding Cape Girardeau are under water. Schools have been canceled in many areas. Folks have been killed trying to cross the flood waters. Some people have lost everything.

Fortunately, last year we added a metal roof and new guttering to our home. My rain barrels are overflowing. We are high and dry. The schools are closed and some streets are flooded. Just as in Katrina New Orleans, the media photographs the worst, most graphic portions of a disaster.
There are people in surrounding communities that are flooded and have lost everything. I worked to help folks in the flood of ’93. Flood water and the damage is a nasty, depressing clean up. I thank god I am safe and dry.

So, we are fine for now. As a gardener, I want it to get into the garden and plant stuff, but it will be a week after the rain stops before I can do that.

The rain has stopped and the water in town is going down. Very noticeable from yesterday.

Record Breaking Rain

On March 18, 2008, at the Cape Girardeau Regional Airport, 11.48″ of rain fell. It is the heaviest one day rainfall total for Cape Girardeau.

The previous record was 6.73″ on March 27, 1977.

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