Lettuce think Spring

I met Renee at my first garden writers conference. I admit to being a little star struck meeting Renee of Renee’s Gardens.

“You’re Renee! Of Renee’s Gardens! I recognized you because you look just like your picture.” She was kind enough not to say anything.

It was about that time when I realized that I sounded like I had the IQ of a vegetable. OMG, I just told this woman who she was. Then I quickly left, praying that Renee had not read my name tag.

Renee’s Garden is The place to buy seed for gourmet greens. The only problem will be limiting your salad selections to the size of your garden.

I like Renee’s combo selections because the seed combination’s
are a thrifty way to get a lot of
variety into a small garden.

The new and exclusive Ruby & Emerald Duet lettuce is a colorful combination of heat tolerant plants. These buttery lettuces create gourmet salads that are hard to beat.

Last spring I tried the Paris Market Mesclun, a mix of several baby lettuces, chicory, endive, and arugula. Small successive plantings stretched the flavors, textures and colors of this “cut and come again” mix through the spring.

Be sure to order extra Renee’s Garden Seeds for a fall planting of salad greens.

Yes, there is a real Renee. And yes, she selects, grows and eats this stuff before she offers it to us in her beautiful online only catalog. Plus, the website tells how to plant, grow, harvest, prepare and cook all these amazing vegetables.
Starting Seeds Indoors will get you headed in the right direction.

Check out the Blue Boy heirloom cornflowers
This is one of my favorite old fashioned flowers. A cottage garden must have.

Renee Shepherd.
She looks just like her picture. If you ever get the chance to meet her, for your sake, don’t even tell her that you know me.
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