Grandpa’s Weeder

Effortless Weed Remover

For almost one hundred years gardeners have used this simple, sturdy tool to extract weeds. Grandpa’s Weeder is the best weed puller ever. It is well made and, I imagine, it will out last me.

Weeding is not the tedious job it once was. There is no pulling, no kneeling and no chemicals, no sweat. Weeding does not get any easier than this.

This simple tool pulls roots without bending, pulling or kneeling. Great for people of all ages. Invented in 1913, with a cast iron head for durability, and a sturdy 40 inch ash handle for easy leverage. Lifetime guarantee. Made in China.
Buy at Ace Hardware, Seeds of Change,
A.M. Leonard,, Spray N Grow. I even found a good price on eBay.

Weed Slayer, Neighbor Bill demonstrates Grandpa’s Weeder.

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