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Roof top garden grows on Springfield Brewing Company

How do you get out there to take care of the plants? I asked.

“I just open the window and jump out.”

Not many gardeners will jump out a second floor window to water their organic garden, but Kevin Mackey at the Springfield Brewing Company does almost everyday.

“We can offer our customers fresh organic food specials, and other wise, this roof top is just wasted space.” Mackey, who is the manager at Springfield Brewing company, harvests fresh produce daily from his crop of pickle buckets and wine boxes. “I just saw an opportunity to make use of some unused space on our roof and to do something environmentally friendly with it.”

The container garden is great example of recycling, Springfield brewing company is reusing the 26 five-gallon pickle buckets and 8 wooden wine boxes from the restaurant.

I noticed the sun-ripened taste of a fresh tomato on a salad served just moments before our roof top tour. Real gardeners just know that distinct, earthy flavor of home grown tomatoes.

Springfield Brewing Company features a huge menu, as well as award winning hand crafted ales and lagers.

The Pretzels and Cheese appetizer ($5.25) of three soft Bavarian pretzels served hot from the oven with queso and Santa Fe cheddar ale is a perfect accompaniment in the search for your favorite beer. The loaded pizzas are hot and topped with original and fresh toppings. A perfect appetizer to share, or make it a meal. Pizzas are a good value ranging from about $7 to $9.

If your mom actually cooked, then the made from scratch, Mom’s Mac & Cheese, $8.25, is sure to win your heart. Brewing Company serves a big bowl of giant shell pasta tossed in an alfredo sauce with four cheeses and topped with toasted garlic bread crumbs. Add chicken for $2.50, Add Broccoli for $1.00. This is not the blue box macaroni and cheese food.

Because Mackey is willing to jump out of a window everyday and grow some of the Brewing Company’s produce, there are occasional special organic dishes that are not on the regular menu.

For example: lucky diners were recently offered “An “Organic Vegetarian Pizza” made with fresh ingredients from our roof. We also have used many of the items as ingredients in our specials. For example, we offered a basil cream sauce on our tilapia with basil from our roof and a jalapeno cream cheese on our chicken sandwich with jalapenos from our roof.”

If beer is not your thing – and we have heard of such people – the food at this brew pub is fresh and the service is prompt. Should you want to learn about their fresh beers that change seasonally, the Brewing Company offers a sampler of six of their most popular beers. Once you find a favorite, they offer carry out in 6-Packs and cases, 6-Packs: $6.99 each, Cases (4 6-Packs): $25.99 each.

Fresh, locally grown food and sustainable marketing only happen when customers ask for it. Customers are willing to pay for tasty and healthy, locally produced food. Tell the Brewing Company you appreciate the fresh food. Start asking other local restaurants to buy locally produced foods. Savvy restaurateurs are listening.

Springfield Brewing Company 305 South Market Street, Springfield MO, 65807, Phone: (417) 832-8277 One block west of Campbell on Walnut.

Springfield Brewing Company's Roof Top Garden
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