Garden Royalty


Crown Princess Margareta, has loads of fragrant roses in late spring, then a few more continue to bloom, except in the hottest of summer. And, now there are even more light blooms that will continue till frost.
This little bloomer has many, larger flowers in spring. The roses are neatly formed rosettes of apricot yellow.

It is thriving in what I thought would be a temporary location with poor, rocky soil. But, it blooms where it was planted. So, the princess has found a permanent home. Each year, the top soil around the rose it gets a layer of leaf mould and compost. And because it is surrounded by asphalt on three sides, it always has a heaping helping of water-saving wood chip mulch.

In the spring, there are so many golden-yellow/apricot blooms, it perfumes the garden air.

The blossoms last month were petite and looked like miniature roses. Occasional blooms will appear now through the first frost. Blooms are just under 3″ across.

Crown Princess Margareta of Sweden was the granddaughter of Queen Victoria and was an accomplished landscape gardener who, together with the Crown Prince (later, King Gustavus VI Adolfus of Sweden), created the famous Swedish Summer Palace of Sofiero in Helsingborg.

David Austin Roses are a favorite of mine. After fifty years of rose breeding, David Austin’s English Roses combine the form and fragrance of old fashioned roses with the repeat flowering of modern roses. They are very easy to grow, healthy and reliable. I have very little disease problem with David Austin roses.

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