Bloom Day September 2009

Welcome to Garden Bloggers’ Bloom Day in Cape Girardeau, MO USA
This is the last of the hardy standby rudbeckia blooming.

This is a gifted rose from the storybook series. It’s a prolific bloomer, no fragrance, but the color stands out from a distance. I never saw these on the market, too bad because I would buy more. They are faithful bloomers, even gracing the Thanksgiving table last year.

I still have a lot of food crops blooming. “They won’t have time to make”, as grandma used to say.

This tasty English cucumber is still producing long skinny, thin-skinned. cucumbers.
Pinky WinkyHardy Hydrangea or Hydrangea paniculata is growing in a couple of places in my yard, The one that gets more sun does the best. Hiding behind thee hardy hydrangea, is Buttered Popcorn day lily, Hemerocallis Buttered Popcorn. It’s a repeat bloomer and the brilliant yellow blooms always get noticed.

About now, I should tell you that I’m using the camera/phone, and I have no excuse for the photo quality, except I can’t keep it steady enough for good photos.
Crown Princess Margareta, a David Austin Rose. Once it is cut, the heavy blooms tend to droop, so is it not a good choice for bouquets. Still it is so fragrant and lovely, it’s hard not to bring a few cut flowers indoors.

These creamy poppies were a garden surprise, I forgot that I had planted the seed. California poppy (Eschscholzia californica) is native to grassy areas, in CA. Here in MO. it must be treated as an annual. But it is beautiful and easy to grow. It is California’s official flower and has it’s own day. April 6 is California Poppy Day.

Gaillardia Amber Wheels is hardy and some times self sows on my patio. I saved seed last year and planted the seed again this year. It’s a hardy flower, still blooming it’s little head off. Next year I will grow more of these because the color is brilliant and they have a very long blooming period.

Petunia, Old Fashioned vining, (Petunia multiflora) a fragrant single petunia. Fragrant blossoms from June until after frost. This soft color would go with anything. I hope to collect seed and grow several of these next year. A hundred years ago, it was common in gardens, this is now considered a rare heirloom.


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