First new "Must have" vegetable of 2010

“a work of art, this Italian heirloom is almost too beautiful to eat — but it begs to be savored. Each gorgeous head is a sprightly, light green spiral of cone-shaped florets, with a delectably mild flavor and a texture more akin to cauliflower than broccoli.”

from: The Cook’s Garden

Not really new, since it is an heirloom vegetable. Usually, broccoli is not successful in my hot Missouri zone 6 garden. (It bolts at the first sign of summer.) But I will try it and tell you about my success (or lack there of.)

Broccoli Romanseco

after all, I was successful with Renee’s Garden Pak Choi, Baby, “Green Fortune.”

I try something new every year. Renee has challenged me to grow things that have never been successful in this hot, humid climate. Like nasturtiums, sweet peas and Pak Choi.

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