Garden Bloggers Bloom Day January 2010

I decided to be a little more consistant with Bloom Day postings this year, hence this flowerless January post. Flowerless is OK. One of my favorite cakes is a flourless chocolate cake. But I digress.

The only flowers that are blooming in my home are in the seed catalogs. One thing I did notice this holiday season is that bromeliads were used at a couple of malls and a restaurant instead of the traditional poinsettia.

One plant that I do not think of when I think about bromeliads is the pineapple.

It’s obviously a bromeliad when you see a pineapple growing. But I rarely see a pineapple as a plant.

It’s as if the seed catalog industry hasn’t heard about global warming. They keep putting out paper catalogs with astonishing frequency.

Wish I could say Let’s make a deal.
You only send one catalog a year. And I, knowing that, will keep this one catalog all year.

Richters Herbs – Medicinal, Culinary, Aromatic – Plants & Seeds. The Canadian nursery offering an extensive selection of culinary, medicinal, and aromatic herbs.

I keep Richters catalog all year, frequently referring to it as a valuable reference tool.

Or, Better Yet, just put the catalog online. That’s how I order my plants and seeds. So you do know I am smart enough to find you online.

Renee’s Garden
seed catalog is only on line. She doesn’t even print a paper catalog.

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4 responses to “Garden Bloggers Bloom Day January 2010

  1. Mr. McGregor's Daughter

    I'm so torn between wanting the paper catalogue in my hands to look at in the evenings, and the desire to be environmentally responsible and stick with online browsing. It's a tough call.

  2. It was a bloomless bloom day for me, too.

  3. I love Renee's Gardens seeds, and enjoy her website, too! Can't wait to try her zucchini rellenos recipe this zucchini season.

  4. I think you just identified a plant I inherited from my office… I was wondering what on earth it was! All I know is it's started a change to a lovely shade of brown lately. Sigh.

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