Better Than Rocks

As gardener frustrated by poorly drained and weighty rock-filled containers, I discovered the best back-saving container garden product on the market. If your potted plants are turning yellow from the bottom or wilting even though they are getting enough water the cause may be insufficient drainage and aeration.

Better Than Rocks produces healthier plants, lighter containers, drains excess water away from plants and keeps the soil in the planter. BTR is inexpensive, recycled and reusable. If it is not in your garden center yet, order it online.

This product, like good tools, are a one time purchase. The Better than Rocks product I bought three years ago is the same product I will use this spring. What I like about this product is that you buy it one time then use it and reuse it forever.

Line the bottom of containers with Better Than Rocks. Smaller pots require one layer for good water drainage and to keep your potting soil from washing away. Big, deep pots can handle several layers of Better Than Rocks to lighten up the container and reduce the amount of pricey potting soil. Better Than Rocks can stay in the pot as long as you like. If you empty the containers at the end of the season, hose off the recycled plastic material and BTR is ready to reuse.

Sarah B. Atkins, who discovered the material, has used and reused the same Better Than Rocks product in various containers for ten years. What could be better than a garden product so good that you never have to buy it again?

Better Than Rocks How It Works

Better Than Rocks Where to Buy

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