Micro Greens for Holiday Meals

or, Vegetable Intervention 101

I am not going to reinvent the wheel. This is a great idea. It’s not mine.

By mid winter, I’m ready to impale sweet potatoes with toothpicks and it takes all my strength to keep from buying chia pets in bulk. I want to grow Something. Anything. So this winter, I will be prepaired, thanks to Botanical Interests, Inc.

This is a great idea from a respected source for the best quality seed a gardener can buy. Read this, Micro Greens for Holiday Meals and save yourself from suspended vegetation.  In fact, let’s just make a pledge: NO MORE Avacado Piercing.

How about an ity bity salad?

I’m ordering Micro Greens Mild Mix now.  This mix includes: Beet Bulls Blood, Pak Choy, Cabbage Red Ace, Kohlrabi, and Swiss Chard Lucullus.

This would be great on a turkey sandwich.

And, maybe even Micro Greens Spicy Mix which contains: Sawtooth Mustard, Peppergrass Cress, Cabbage Red Acre, Mustard Red Giant, and Radish China Rose.

Yes, this is way better than sprouts.

Thanks, Botanical Interests!

BTW, the very best way to sprout an avacado seed, is to bury it in your vermicompost and forgetaboutit. One day you will open the lid of the vermicomposter to feed the worms, and there it will be! A sprouted avacado, ready to pot. Just one more reason to compost indoors.

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