Bloom Day March 2011

Bloom Day March 2011 was grey and cloudy. And then, there was a windy day that was just exhausting said the daffodils. But this is their time to shine so I can’t simply ignore bloom day.

Almost every year I get asked what the difference between daffodils and jonquils?

Is narcissus the same as daffodil?

Narcissus: (Narcissus sp.) All daffodils, jonquils, and paperwhites are Narcissus genus. The genus Narcissus is a member of the Amaryllis family. Many folks use the word Narcissus when they are talking about paperwhites.

Daffodils: is the common name for all Narcissus bulbs. All daffodils are narcissus. When I hear the word “daffodil,” those large, trumpet-shaped flowers Narcissus pseudonarcissus come to mind.

Jonquils: are a specific type of daffodil known as Narcissus jonquilla. They are most easily identified by their dark green, tube-shaped leaves as compared to other types of daffodils which have flat leaves.

So, all jonquils are daffodils but not all daffodils are johnquils.

There are about a gazillion folks particpating in Bloom Day. You can’t see them all every month unless you are unemployed, retired, or a speed reader.

To visit other Garden Bloggers’ Bloom Day participants, visit our host Carol at May Dreams Garden.

I always wanted to live somewhere where I could grow pine trees and magnolias. Really, I have lived most of my life in that area of the country, or very close to it. Of course, the little ones I planted will surely out live me. This little magnolia tree is loaded with bright white blooms and barely 3 feet tall.

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