Rain, rain go away

Red Volunteer will quickly multiply into swaths of red flowers.

It’s been raining for days. Yesterday we had over 3 inches of rain. So far this month we have had 8.36 of rain and it is still raining. Forecasters say this front isn’t moving for at least 3 more days.

The city’s floodgates are closed. We are safe from the rising waters. There is not a flat surface in my kitchen that isn’t covered with plants.

I am inundated with plants. They need to go into the ground. Boxes of trial plants and packets of cool season seeds are arriving. Plants that are waiting for the soil and sun.


Before the rain, I planted a few daylilies, including red volunteer and dream soufflé™ from American Daylily & Perennials

The daylilies haven’t had time to develop roots and are just treading in waterlogged soil.

American Daylily & Perennials is also where I buy cannas and lantanas. They are waiting for drier days to be planted. I will share more about these floral beauties on a sunnier day.

Red volunteer is going to be 29″-33″ height with huge 7″ flowers.

Dream soufflé™ will grow 24″-30″ tall and has medium pink double blooms with reblooming 5″ flowers.

Dream souffle™ a delightful rebloomer.

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