Garden Mailbox

When the neighborhood got new mailboxes, I scavenged a couple of the old ones.

How many times have you been working in the garden and realized you needed another tool?

Garden Mailbox

I have my new Corona tools in this garden mailbox.

I keep a set of tools in my garden mailbox. During garden season, I keep a pair of Corona pruners and a cobra head in the mailbox. I can accomplish most any garden project with these two tools.

In the spring, keep some blank plant labels or tags and a permanant marker. In the summer I keep a ball of twine to tie up unruly tomato vines. If it is rose pruning season keep your gloves and Corona clippers handy.

If I come inside for a cool drink,  or a short break, the tools stay in the mailbox. I don’t have to gather up all the tools and drag them in and out with every trip.

More good things to keep handy in the garden mailbox: twine. This broken tomato vine could have been staked up with the twine to keep it from breaking under the weight of the green tomatoes. This, by the way is the ONLY reason a gardeners eat fried green tomatoes before the first frost.

tomato vine

Tomato vine broken from the weight of too many tomtoes.


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