Radishes are Cool

French Breakfast

Globes of Crimson Crunch and cylindrical French Breakfast radishes.

The first treats out of my garden each spring are radishes. Radishes are also the last thing out of the garden this fall. In mid November after a couple of frosts, I picked radishes in my zone 6 southeast MO garden.

The star of the salad garden was Crimson Crunch. A bright red radish with snow-white flesh, these perfectly round radishes are crisp and crunchy. If I could grow just one radish, it would be Crimson Crunch.

I planted these radishes in the corner of the garden and forgot about them. When I discovered them, they were huge. Probably, they measure 1 ½ inch diameter. And, they are NOT HOT!

These are beautiful red globes are solid and crispy, not spongy. Crimson Crunch is mild, perfectly smooth and round. This fall, they grew faster, milder and bigger than last spring.

Another pretty radish that is the star of my fall garden is the imported French Breakfast. Very crisp bicolor radishes, grow quickly in cylindrical shapes and perfect ball shapes.

French Breakfast radish from Renee’s Garden  includes both shapes in one packet. I still have a few in the ground, mostly just to see how well they keep.

French Breakfast

round and long radishes grow quickly in the fall.

When you order radish seed this winter, order extra. They are always a spring salad accent and now, I will always plant them in a fall garden. Red globe radishes have plenty of potassium, vitamin C and folate.

Because they come up so quickly, use radishes as row markers as you plant other vegetables in the garden. Mix them and plant in with lettuce and spinach greens. Peppery raddish sprouts are great on salad or sandwiches.

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