Teamwork: annuals and perinnials

It would be hard to choose between annuals and perrenials. Either way would be more work and very limiting.  Annuals and perennials make a great team.

Frankly Scarlet daylily. A favorite easy care perennial. 4″ bloom, 24″ tall, Early-Mid Season + rebloom, a 2003 All-American Selection.

Eating locally and eating seasonally help us understand. When I first moved into our new house, the first thing I planted was asparagus. True, we would not benefit from this food source for three years. Every year after that and probably for as long as we lived there, this spring delacy would be ours to enjoy for years to come.

Until those whispy little asparagus ferns get bigger, there is plenty of sunshine in that garden to plant a few strawberry plants. Both asparagus and strawberries are considered perennials in my southeast Missouri USA garden (zone six)

A surprise to many gardeners, tomatoes are really a perennial. Well, not in my back yard. Where they are native, tomatoes are perennials. Most folks here in the U. S. treat them as annuals. At the first hint or suggestion of a frost, tomato plants just cry and die.

See The Hub Pages Report: Which is best? Annuals or Perinnials

I am glad that there are both annuals and perinnials. in my front yard, vegetable patch, patio containers.

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