Three blue vegetables for home gardeners

Dragon Tongue, eat fresh or leave on vine to fully mature for shelling beans. Photo: PBH

Dragon Tongue fresh tender snap beans. Close your eyes, and taste one of the best fresh snap beans. Prepare as you would any green beans.

To keep their color and tenderness, this bean is best served fresh. Excellent lightly steamed and served with chive or dill butter.

Rosa Biance eggplant, beautiful and mild flavored. No two look alike. Photo: PBH

Rosa Bianca eggplant is not bitter, an Italian heirloom eggplant. Creamy white teardrop shaped. Taste this eggplant and you will know why it has been around for generations.

The mild flavor of this eggplant is perfect for eggplant parmesean or vegetable lasagne.

Indigo Rose will be red on the side of thr fruit that is shaded and blue where it is exposed to full sun. Photo: PBH

Indigo Rose are very blue saladette size tomatoes. Very high in Anthocyanins.

Use fresh in salads, on kabobs or cut inhalf to dry (dehydrate)

The blue pigments, the Anthocyanins, are what makes the reds, purples and blues of fruits or vegetables. Anthocyanins have been linked to cancer fighting and anti aging benifits.

Read more about where to find these blue foods on My Hub Pages.


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