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Winter comes to Cape

WinterBluSpruceThe first day after a snow is the most beautiful, isn’t it?  This snowy blue spruce has been moved so many times. It was only about 18″ tall when it was planted the first time. Now in it’s permanent home, the tree is about 5′ tall.

I've had this a little over a year. I got it out for morning coffee and a few minutes of prayer for our country and all out leaders. Do you think they can put the well fare of out country ahead of politcs?

I’ve had this a little over a year. I got it out for morning coffee and a few minutes of prayer for our country and all out leaders. Do you think they can put the well fare of out country ahead of politcs?







I forgot to pull the leeks out  of the garden before this first big snow.  Hope theywill survive under their snow blanket. I am looing forward to potato-   leek soup.  I’m stll working on a  multi allium soup recipe. Something like a 3 onion soup. However,  my recipe will still be topped with a crouton and cheese. Those French can cook! don’t cha think?


wintergardenThe garden is pretty with the first snow, but I feel that it wants to be blooming again. I’m still tossing around plant ideas for those chimney tiles. Any thoughts?

I love the week between Christmas and New Years. Seems like there is always time for a walk with your sweety, the occasional nap, and that little happy moment when the eggnog is finally all gone!

Well , call me or send me your phone # to  hobsondotpatsybellatgmaildotcom I lost everyons phone, so call me.

Streets and sidewalks are clear. We have plenty of coffee and tea, so come on down. There’s always a fireplace on somewhere.





I’ll be back to Drury Hotels

I love it when somebody else makes the oatmeal. And the coffee.
Oatmeal Drury

I’ve written about Drury Hotels before.

Good News, Drury Hotels Lost the Bathtub

Value added at Drury Hotels

But tonight, they won me over again. Jeff and I have been been married for 30 years today. When Jeff answered the door, a special roomservice arrived.

Champagne with glasses AND fresh baked cookies.

Champagne with glasses AND fresh baked cookies.

St. Louis-Drury Inns & Suites near Forest Park, 2111 Sulphur Ave. St Louis, MO 63139. How cool is that?

Last time I was here, I told Bri one of the things I like about this chain is the customer service. Everyone in the hotel is a Good Will Ambassador. Every staff member has a smile and a kind word. I like that.

OK Texas, secede

But first, you should probably figure out how to operate a highway system without federal dollars. You will be responsible for airports, air traffic control and all air, land, water transportation, security and emergency management. You need your own coast guard and DOT.

Your border and immigration issues will be even bigger now. You will need a passport to come to the USA and a green card to work here. Hey, Dallas Cowboys – you got passports? Papers, please.

What is your plan for emergency management? Because you can’t call NOAH or FEMA when there is a hurricane or a tornado. And they won’t be calling to warn you beforehand.

Severe weather disasters like extreme drought, flooding and earthquakes from fracking will be of immediate concern for your independent self. Houston, you have a problem: we want NASA back.

There will be no Federal dollars for national parks, presidential libraries, universities. alcohol, tobacco, firearms, drug regulation and weapons of mass destruction are yours to control. What will replace the American dollar?

You can’t call the FDA or the CDC. Good luck with no FBI, CDC or USDA.You might not miss these government agencies until you need the Department of Defense, Department of Commerce, Department of Justice, Department of Interior or, Department of Health and Human services.

Time to cowboy up. Or is this Big hat, no cattle?

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