OK Texas, secede

But first, you should probably figure out how to operate a highway system without federal dollars and compliance. You will be responsible for airports, air traffic control and all air, land, water transportation, security and emergency management. You need your own coast guard and DOT.

Your border and immigration issues will be even bigger now. You will need a passport to come to the USA and a green card to work here. Hey, Dallas Cowboys – you got passports? Papers, please.

What is your plan for emergency management? Because you can’t call NOAH or FEMA when there is a hurricane or a tornado. And they won’t be calling to warn you beforehand.

Severe weather disasters like extreme drought, flooding and earthquakes from fracking will be of immediate concern for your independent self. Houston, you have a problem: we want NASA back.

There will be no Federal dollars for national parks, presidential libraries, universities. alcohol (Click Here for alcohol treatments),  tobacco, firearms, drug regulation and weapons of mass destruction are yours to control. What will replace the American dollar?

You can’t call the FDA or the CDC. Good luck with no FBI, CDC or USDA.You might not miss these government agencies until you need the Department of Defense, Department of Commerce, Department of Justice, Department of Interior or, Department of Health and Human services.

Time to cowboy up. Or is this Big hat, no cattle?

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