Becky’s Flowers

Delivered November 13, 2013

Profusion Zinnias

These little flowers are non stop bloomers. They can either be started from seed or plants. By mid summer, you can’t tell the difference. The seeded  zinnias have caught up in size and vigor with the zinnias that were planted as starter plants.


Profusion series of zinnia are an AAS winner (All American Selections) that tells you they will grow almost anywhere and everywhere, are very disease resistant and pest free.They are all in warm season colors some semi double and the newest ones are double.

They are heat-loving plants, require little attention are good to grow in borders and in containers. The flowers are brightly colored, never fade and are a butterfly magnet. The plants get 18-24” tall and produce masses of 2″ semi-double flowers.

Zinnias are a favorite cutting flower because they just keep on coming even if you cut a bouquet. Also, it’s easy to save seed and then, grow even more next year – because to can collect about a gazillion more seed than what comes in a seed packet.IMG_3019

Becky I’m sending these flowers in three half-pint jelly jars tied with raffia bows. Keep the water fresh and refilled. (Zinnias are heavy drinkers.) Strip the foliage high enough to keep the leaves out of the water.

They aren’t fragrant. But if you set the jars of zinnias out on the patio table, butterflies will appear. Magic!

*Becky Funke is in a hospital that does not allow flowers in the rooms. So, not to be deterred, I’ll send them on Pinterest. You can stop by her CaringBridge site to leave well wishes and get updates. The girls, her 3 beautiful daughters, keep the site up to date.

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