First Harvest Basket of the season 2014

 Todays Harvest Basket

First Harvest Basket of 2014. Pak Choi, onions, radishes, lettuces. Plus, there is a pint or so of strawberries we’ve been getting every day this week, Ozarks Beauty. We are also finishing up Asparagus season this week.

Salad greens, radishes, green onion, Pak Choi

Salad greens, radishes, green onion, Pak Choi Photo: Patsy Bell Hobson

One interesting thing, is that there are a few radish left, hidden in the lettuces. They are big and only as hot as the smaller more traditional radish. Not fiery hot or pithy. They are pink and red and a few are white.

Some of these big radish have gone to seed. The flowers a small and dainty on tall wispy stems. I hope to save some seed to plant next spring.





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