Today’s Harvest Basket 8/13/14

Today’s Harvest Basket August 13, 2014

Tomato, pepper, squash

summer squash, tomatoes and cherry tomato, sweet pepper

Some Gold Medal tomatoes look like they are tie-dyed.

Yellow Tomatoes

Big yellow Gold Medal tomatoes are the sweetest tomatoes I ever tasted. No two tomatoes look the same. Some tomatoes are all yellow, some have a dot or swirl of red. If you are seeing a big red splash on the outside of the tomato, it will look like that on the inside too.

Six tomatoes fill up the basket (+ a pint of cherry tomatoes.)

Six tomatoes fill up the basket (+ a pint of cherry tomatoes.)

It turns out that the yellow tomatoes are the star producers in the garden today. I picked six Gold Medal tomatoes today. Those 6 tomatoes weigh 8 pounds.

One more good thing about the yellow one-pounders, the ripe fruits tend to last a few days longer than other tomatoes once they are picked. Surprising for such a sweet tomato.

First offered to the public in 1921 as Ruby Gold  in John Lewis Child’s catalog in New York. Ben Quisenberry renamed it Gold Medal in his 1976 catalog: “The sweetest tomato you ever tasted.”

Too much water.

Too much water.

Our rainy spring and summer have caused this golden beauty to crack. It is unsightly but doesn’t affect the taste.

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