GBBD 9/15/14

Garden Bloggers Bloom Day September 14, 20014

Finally, cooler weather.

Since the weather has cooled down, some flowers are busy blooming and making seeds.

Our house is nearly 170 years old.

Crape Myrtle are a bright spot in late summer.

Our house is nearly 170 years old. The one acre lot has plenty of room for experimenting with a variety of trees and shrubs. Birds will love as these seeds made from so many flowers this fall.

Last echinacea or coneflower of the year.

Bird food

Last of the sunflowers.

Last of the sunflowers.


I’ve been collecting vegetable and herb seed for next year. Flower seeds will be collected by the birds.


Night blooming Datura.

Night blooming Datura.







These Datura flowers will often self seed. The plants get huge and take up a lot of space.


Nicotiana are blooming nonstop.

Nicotiana are blooming nonstop.


Morning coffee on the patio.

Morning coffee on the patio.

Why does coffee taste better on the patio in the morning? For me, it’s the best time to write. It’s cool and quiet except for the beautiful soundtrack provided by the songbirds. My brain is not crowded with the with the activities of the day.


Privacy screen on the patio.

I tried to grow morning glories for a couple of years before I finally got them to grow. Grandpa Ott’s Morning Glories are now as out of control as dandelions and grass. Still the hummingbirds love the morning glories that create a privacy screen on the North side of the patio.

“We can have flowers nearly every month of the year.” ~ Elizabeth Lawrence.

Carol at May Dreams Gardens started Garden Bloggers Bloom Day. What’s blooming in your garden? Share with other garden bloggers on the 15th of each month. Leave a link in Mr. Linky and the comments of May Dreams Gardens.

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