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Grow, flowers, herbs or vegetables vertically.

Grow, flowers, herbs or vegetables vertically. Photo: My Garden Post.

How my garden grows

First Look at My Garden Post


I’m growing a whole vegetable garden on the deck in just 4 square feet. It’s a new vertical garden project for the summer. My Garden Post is set up in full sun with drip irrigation.

My goal is to grow a whole vegetable garden on the  5 ‘4″ tall post. There are 2  large, 15″ pots and 3 smaller, 10″ pots.

Imagine a 2 ft. x 2 ft vegetable garden. That is a whole new definition of small space gardens.

If you think you don’t have room for homegrown tomatoes, try My Garden Post.

The instructions that come with the kit are clear and easy to follow. There’s even a video online for the post assembly and the irrigation system. Watch the video and assembly is a snap.

Starter plants in My Garden Post.

Starter plants in My Garden Post.

Build this well constructed and solid post with No Tools.

I suggest you get the irrigation kit when you order My Garden Post. You will need a pair of scissors and a tape measure to complete the irrigation system.

It’s been Too Cold for growing sensitive plants outside. So I started seedlings indoors. Here’s what My Garden Post looks like with the starter plants.

MGP_Logo_2Color_356KYou can buy My Garden Post from this Oh! Grow Up Blog we both benefit. You save money and I get credit for your order using this code: 50offMGP at checkout to get $50 worth of savings for My Garden Post with Drip Irrigation.

My Garden Post sent the original post to me free of charge so I could demonstrate how easy it is to assemble, install the irrigation, and grow lots of food in a tiny space.

My Garden Post  Use the coupon code: 50offMGP 

MPG Diary April 1, 2015 First Look.I PBH

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