Darwin Tulips. They’re back!

You remember the beautiful giant tulips, I planted? A different color display every year?

Last fall, for the first time in a long time, I simply did not have the energy to make the massive planting. Multiple sclerosis and fatigue ruled my world. No more tulips.


Darwin tulips dancing in the sun. PBH

So this morning, my heart soared to see these few tulips in bloom. They are Darwin Tulips a few from last year and a few from the year before. The blooms are half their original size.

Daffodils just go where ever they want. The tulips are right where I planted them. PBH

Not what they used to be, but stubborn and still around. Now that’s a blooming blessing, don’t cha think?

Late and long-lasting,Thalia daffodil tries to steal the show. Tulips are blooming from last springs display.

I perhaps owe having become a painter to flowers. ~Claude Monet
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