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Patsy Bell Hobson

Patsy Bell Hobson

A lifetime gardener, who inherited my love of gardening from mother and grandmother,

I am a freelance writer with a BA degree in Mass Media.  As a Master Gardener emeritus, I’ve given numerous presentations on herbs, container gardening, forcing bulbs for indoors, and butterfly gardens.  ( A Master Gardener emeritus means old Master Gardener)

Freelance writing credits include: Missouri Gardener and several other State By State publications, AAA Midwest Traveler, Grit, Herb Companion, Kansas City Homes and Gardens, Kansas City Star, Green Prints, Southern Living, Missouri Life and Kansas City Gardener, AAA Southern Traveler.

My gardens have inspired many recipes published in Herb Companion, Southern Living Annual Recipes Cookbook, and The Best Of Country Cooking Cookbook, Woman’s Day.

Professional memberships have included the Missouri Writers Guild, National Garden Writers Association, Oklahoma Writers Federation Inc., and the Kansas City Press Club.

I helped launch the Junior Master Gardener program in the Kansas City area. It was my pleasure to host many garden programs and tours as well as be a recipient of numerous gardening awards.

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  1. Patsy Bell Patillo

    I found it interesting that we have the same name….I did not think it was common. I was born in 1948 and noticed that date on your website.

    Patsy Bell Patillo

  2. Patsy Bell! You might just be why so many people say, “Patsy Bell, that name sounds familiar.” Glad to “meet” you.

  3. I’m part of an online seed company called Hometown Seeds. We would love to host a giveaway on your site. Please contact me if you are interested.

  4. Hi,
    Just wanted to say hi, and ask you to send me a link when you get the article written about Honeysuckle Cottage.

    Hope you had a great Christmas!

    Honeysuckle Cottage
    Marion KY

  5. I have also tried without success to make chili rellenos. They are so prolific in the garden. Enjoyed your article. Can you provide a recipe for stuffing the chili rellenos? Thanks

  6. I am glad I found this website! I noticed you are from southern Missouri. Where? My son attends Southeast Missouri State University. We are from Bernie, which is at the top of the bootheel.

  7. Hey Patsy@

    I LOVE this picture of you. Great site!!


  8. Ms. Hobson, I found your site while searching for “growing lavender”. I am a public school teacher in New Haven CT. I have recently been awarded a small grant for a school garden, and my class is very excited to get going on this endeavor.
    We have an AWESOME principal. She has mentioned, more than once, that she would like a lavender garden at the entrance of our school. Today I took my class to a nearby greenhouse for a field trip and learned that the organization which oversees the greenhouses rents out space in them.
    Long story short, I would love to rent some space, start lavender plants, and surprise the principal with a lavender garden in the spring.
    Could you please suggest a variety or two of lavender which is easy to grow and hardy? I have been an organic gardener for about 50 years (I started gardening with my dad when I was young, young). THANK YOU, Hope

  9. Patsy-

    What a treat to read your blog! What exactly is a Master Gardener Emeritus? I’m a Master Gardener, but we’re required to maintain a log of hours here in Central Indiana. Do you ever travel to other areas of the Midwest? I’d love to show you some of what we have in the Indianapolis area.

    Best to you in 2013,

    Jo Ann

    • Hello Jo Ann. Master Gardener Emeritus means Ancient Master Gardener. I kept that log for years, gave countless talks, answered Master Gardener hotline calls for hours. I do travel a little. As you might imagine, I rarely travel during garden season. (Are you nuts? I wouldn’t abandon my garden!) Winter is my best travel season.

      Thank you so much for your kind words. You made my day.

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