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Cheap Garden Tricks

Vinegar is an inexpensive and environmentally safe weedkiller. I use this organic weed control for spot spraying. Use vinegar in gardens, along sidewalks and brick or stone patios. A small watering can filled with vinegar and water can target stray grass or dandelions in sidewalk cracks or the driveway.

Hand spray or carefully direct your vinegar filled watering can over unwanted vegetation. Vinegar works best on young plants but can control bigger weeds and grass. Bigger weeds require repeated applications. Use any inexpensive grocery store variety of vinegar to kill the weeds. The USDA study is reported at their website

Repeated spraying with diluted kitchen soap (a teaspoon of dish soap in a pint spray bottle of water) has helped control the insects on my tomato plants. Try it on one plant to see if it does more harm than good for your plants. Read University Of Colorado fact sheet number 5.547 at