Get A Grip,Bionic Gloves

I have a pair of Bionic Gloves that had been granted the Ease-Of-Use Commendation by the Arthritis Foundation. The gloves are designed by an orthopedic hand surgeon, Dr. Jim Kleinert. I put the gloves on and went out do a few garden chores. The gloves felt so good on my hands, I literally forgot to take them off when I came indoors. Bionic Gloves sells gloves for equestrians, golfers, and dress/driving gloves. True be told, my Bionic garden gloves have found their way into the golf bag on several occasions.

The gloves are pricey, but they do make my hands feel better while gripping pruners and holding watering cans. With extra padding where the hand needs it most, hand fatigue is virtually non-existent. These gloves are just one more tool that will keep me gardening, and golfing forever. Visit Bionic Gloves to learn more.

First published in July 2006