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New blue perennial salvia Color Spires® ‘Crystal Blue’

Look for this plant

Color Spires® ‘Crystal Blue’ Perennial Salvia

color spires

The dense clumps make for good cut flowers.

Color Spires® is a perennial Salvia. You may have to rethink what you know about the annual salvias that must be planted every summer. There’s room for this new Proven Winners introduction in the garden or, it is beautiful and lush in containers.1_gal_color_spires_crystal_blue

‘Crystal Blue’ produces a full mass of light blue flowers in late spring/early summer. The humming birds and butterflies are attracted to this rounded clump of spiky blue blooms. Thick flower stems rise above the dense, rounded clump of textured green foliage and remains attractive all season.

This second year in the garden has moved up Color Spires® ‘Crystal Blue’ on the list of favorite salvias in the garden. I love Salvia and now that there are such hardy and beautiful perennial varieties, I plan to include Color Spires® Perennial Salvia in several garden spots.


Color Spires® ‘Violet Riot’ Perennial Salvia

Color Spires® ‘Crystal Blue’ Perennial Salvia is the asset you have been looking in your blue flower garden. True blue flowers are hard to find and this one will be around for years to come. Color Spires® ‘Violet Riot’ Perennial Salvia will also blend into the blue garden beautifully.


Color Spires® ‘Pink Dawn’ – Perennial Salvia


There are three colors:

  • Color Spires® ‘Crystal Blue’ Perennial Salvia
  • Color Spires® ‘Pink Dawn’ – Perennial Salvia
  • Color Spires® ‘Violet Riot’ Perennial Salvia

Since my back yard is the neighborhood bunny park (Like a dog park but for bunny rabbits.) All the Color Spires® are rabbit and deer resistant. These Salvia are drought tolerant and heat tolerant.

Is in the garden centers now. It is exploding with lavender blooms. Lush and full with textured medium green leaves. I’d have to say they thrive with neglect in my garden.


Color Spires® Chrystal Blue Perennial Salvia

‘Crystal Blue’ Salvia is the first of its kind, most perennial Salvias are darker purple, so this is incredibly unique to have a light sky blue Salvia.

At 18-24 high and about the same width, it is a neat, orderly plant. A pretty focal point in a perennial cutting garden, a butterfly garden, or all blue perennial bed.

This is a reminder of what every gardener knows. Be Patient. Don’t give up on plants, especially those perennials. That first year, your newly planted perennial is busy establishing roots.

It just keeps getting bigger and more beautiful every year.


More new blue

Lo & Behold® ‘Blue Chip Jr.’ – Butterfly bush – Buddleia

lo_behold_blue_chip_jr_buddleia-2093A small version of a butterfly bush that blooms all summer. Attractive to butterflies, hummingbirds and bees, but deer resistant.

Growing only about two feet tall with silver-green leaves, this butterfly bush is small enough for container planting or in a perennial garden. The Blue Chip in my sidewalk border has not had any insect or disease problems. No need for deadheading or pruning.

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