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MGP Advantages of vertical gardening

Cool season crops

My Garden Post is Easy Gardening

MGP is off to a good start. Look at this lovely lettuce and the other bug-free salad greens.

The top three planters in the My Garden Post are growing salad greens.

The top three planters in the My Garden Post are growing salad greens.

I am loving my new My Garden Post (MGP).

Vertical gardening doesn’t get easier than My Garden Post as suggested by this landscape company. I planted a salad bowl garden in the top three planters.

The post and planters are mounted on five casters that makes it easy to move in for cool nights and out on the deck in the morning to find best sun exposure. MGP is solid and sturdy, no chance of tipping or spilling.

Lettuce, radish, green onions.

Lettuce, radish, green onions.

The planters are positioned at a comfortable height for planting, maintenance and harvesting. The dwarf tomato plants are sturdy and green. I removed the first tomato blooms to encourage plant and root growth.

An assortment of colorful lettuces are thriving in the smaller pots. It will soon be time to thin the lettuce for a first spring salad. Consistent watering and extended release fertilizer will allow more plants and herbs to fit in each pot.

Merlot lettuce.

Merlot lettuce.

Tending MGP is the easiest of all container gardening. No stretching, bending or reaching, I’m happy for no dirty hands or knees. It is as easy as a click here. Planters are positioned for easy access when it’s time to replace the cool season lettuces.

All the plants have better air circulation, which makes them less susceptible to mildew and other fungi. There is far less exposure to soil born insects and diseases with container gardening.

Flashy trout back lettuce.

Flashy trout’s back.

You still have plenty of time to order a My Garden Post. The MGP Drip Irrigation System guarantees no worries about the drought and watering even in August.

The draft tomato plants in the bottom two planters are are green and healthy, just waiting for warmer weather.

The dwarf tomato plants in the bottom two planters are green and healthy, just waiting for warmer weather.

The First Thing

in the planter is, Better Than Rocks.


Cut BTR to fit the planter and reuse it every year. For My Garden Post planters it will keep the soil from running out of the drainage holes and create lighter containers.

  • Use less soil,
  • prevent over watering,
  • buy it once and use it for a lifetime.

I have some Better Than Rocks product that I’ve been using every year for 10 years. BTR is eco-friendly, 100% recycled plastic. See their cool site. Order online at Better Than Rocks.

Get the best My Garden Post price here:


  • You can buy My Garden Post from this Oh! Grow Up Blog. We both benefit. You save money and I get credit for your order. Use this code: 50offMGP at checkout to get $50 worth of savings for My Garden Post with Drip Irrigation.

My Garden Post sent the original post to me free of charge so I could demonstrate how easy it is to assemble, install the irrigation, and grow lots of food in a tiny space.

My Garden Post  $50. Off. Use the coupon code: 50offMGP 

MPG Diary April 30, 2015. Lettuce, radish onion.II PBH

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