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Oso Easy® Paprika Rose


Paprika starts out bright orange and yellow

This little rose bush just makes me smile. It’s colorful, covered with blooms, needs no pruning, spraying or chemical treatments. What could be better than a carefree rose?

The specifications say these little shrub rose bushes reach 12 to 24 inches, however mine is well over two feet tall. Oso Easy® Paprika rose is extremely disease resistant. I have not needed to spray or prune in the four years I’ve had it. Even better, no need to deadhead.

Starting out as a beautiful orange and fading to a soft coral with a yellow center, Paprika will bloom summer to frost. The spicy orange repeat blooms cover this rose bush beginning in late spring. Mine is covered with dozens of flowers and it is mid May. After occasional flowers during the heat of a very humid, zone 6 summer, there will be an early fall flush.


Flowers start out bright and fade to soft yellow

This one inch bloom is a rich orange color and fades to light yellow before the petals fall. The bright green foliage just seems to compliment the spicy colored flowers.

Paprika would flower more if I fertilized. However, it gets compost once a year, lives in a well drailed, raised flower bed and gets a leaf mulch before winter. Who knows how gorgeous Parika could be if someone paid attention to it?

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