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Becky’s Flowers

delivered 10/9, 2913*

Four O Clocks (Mirabilis jalapa)


4 o clock broken colorsLightly scented jasmine fragrance.

Four O Clocks have always been a part of my life. Which is to say, they’ve been around for ever. When I was a child they were solid bright pink and yellow. Todays Four O’ Clocks are still beautiful, timely and fragrant.

I bought the seed at Renee’s Garden http://www.reneesgarden.com/ . These “Broken Colors” are producing lots of seed right now. And, with any luck, they will self-seed where they are growing. If not, I’ll plant some of the fallen seed I’ve swept up on the sidewalk.

The seed are easy to see and easy to collect. Their delicious jasmine fragrance will have you looking for reasons to walk by them. As heirlooms, you can expect the new plants to look like the old plants.

Renee’s Garden seed is 40% off of all 2013 seed right now. Buying these seed is a good deal, they will grow for you next spring.  Check out your other favorite seed suppliers, many have seed discounts this month.

* Becky is in a hospital that does not allow flowers in the rooms. So, not to be deterred, I’ll send them on Pinterest. 

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