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Get a Gator Grabber

Great for picking up pinecones and black walnuts

Great for picking up pinecones and black walnuts.

Gator Grabber is a back-saving tool that is useful well beyond fall leaf cleanup. After I tried it, I asked the neighbor to give it a try. We both agreed that using Gator Grabber was handy and timesaving.

If you have balance problems or just don’t want to bend over 150 times to pick up all the pinecones in your yard, consider the Gator Grabber. I also use it to pick up a gazillion black walnuts.

Buy these ergonomic grip garden tools online or use the store locator to find a retailer. Gator Grabber is made by the folks that make the tools with Large “O”-shaped handles in “can’t-lose-in-the-garden” green.

Back-saving Gator Grabber great for repetitive jobs.

I have the Radius Trowel with that comfortable curve providing more leverage with less wrist stress. These aluminum blade tools are both light weight and very sturdy. I’ve been using this trowel for two years. It’s the kind of tool a gardener only has to buy once. Well, maybe twice, if you have a tool borrowing spouse.

Visit their website

Lawnmower Heaven

Jakes lawn mower repair

According to legend, older elephants instinctively direct themselves, when they reach a certain age, to the elephant graveyard. They then die there alone, far from the group

Need a part for an old lawnmower? It’s here.

There is no such thing as an elephant’s graveyard. Metaphorically it’s come to mean a resting place for a collection. And it was the first thing I thought of when we drove up to Jakes. If you need help with lawn mowing, you can hire experts from this link https://msglawncare.com/lawn/mowing/.

Hanging Tree of Weed Whackers

I know landscapers like King Green and now I have arrived in a place where lawnmowers come to die in Southeast Missouri. Then I saw the weed whacker tree. For all the tree damage that weed whackers have inflicted on trees, it came down to this. Ironically, all the tree abuse ended here. The hanging tree for weed whackers.

Jake’s is the best illustration I’ve ever seen of a “It might come in handy some day,” collection. Jake has amassed what others see as a junk pile. But to him, it’s a used lawn mower parts store.

He sometimes a has a used lawnmower, weed whacker or leaf shredder for sale. If you’ve found your way to Jakes, you probably are not of the “ buying used lawn equipment is just buying someone else’s problems” mind set. If Jake repaired it and would even consider selling it to you, it works. Lawnmowers, trimmers, shredders, there is probably one at Jakes.

No one would just happen to be driving past Jake’s while looking for a lawn mower. He doesn’t advertise and he lives in a remote area. If you know about North Star Tree Service and Jakes Lawn Repair service, it’s a testimony to word of mouth advertising.

Bring your lawn tools to Jakes to stretch out their life.

In my effort to live a greener, more earth-friendly life, I try to stretch out the life of everything. The goal is to keep it out of the landfill or junk yard for just one more year. So, in and effort to keep that old mower running just one more year, I took it to Jake’s.

Earthwise or not, it made sence to repair a lawnmower. Repairing the mower I had, gave me time to do a little consumer research before my next purchase. I can also put a mower in the budget for next summer. Instead of making an expensive “gotta have it now!” purchase, I can take my time. Giving me a post season and pre season to look for lawnmower Bargains.

Pruner Evaluation and TMI

Prune with Care

I found a pair of perfectly good pruners under an old rose bush today. This is what I know about the pruners.

Home maintenance is costly. Landscaping is dangerous work. It takes six hours to get emergency care when you are bleeding.

OK. HERE IS THE PROBLEM. My husband pruned the tip of his finger off. We went to the ER. The hospital stopped the bleeding. My husband lived. Then, St Francis hospital charged us $961.40. But we have good insurance, GEHA. The insurance company paid the hospital $664.84 and the hospital agreed to call it even.

WE GET THIS NOTE from the Insurance company: The allowable amount is the negotiated amount. The disallow amount is the discount and is not the patient responsibility.

Sadly, uninsured people, who really CAN NOT afford insurance, would have to pay the $961.40 to stop the bleeding when they cut off their fingertips. That is not right. You can ask any experts in Phil Votaw & Associates website to know about your rights .

Insured and uninsured alike have to wait six hours in the waiting room. “That’s called triage,” the desk clerk explained.

I did get to know several people in the waiting room. About six of us were slowly moving away from the waiting room patient in the wheel chair when she woke up and burst into coughing and hacking fits, then she drifted back to sleep. The roll of toilet paper that the hacker used as Kleenex kept falling out of her lap when she fell a sleep. Security was the only person who would get close enough to pick up the toilet paper, even when it rolled across the floor.

One embarrassed mother, who was possibly hard of hearing, kept talking in her outdoor voice; presumably to cover up the noise from her screaming baby girl who was annoying the folks that had come to the St Francis waiting room to watch Dancing With the Stars. The two women, who had been neighbors “since our kids was little”, knew who was going to win Dancing With The Stars. “Oh yeah,” one said, “ these things are rigged. From. The. Beginning.” “ Just like that oil cry sis hoax in I ran and Is real,” her friend nodded.

There was a mother and son who brought, comic books, paperbacks and what looked like dinner for four from the nearby fast food restaurant. Even though it was an emergency, they had time to go through the Steak n Shake drive-through on their way to the emergency room. “We know the drill,” said the mother. “We been here
Lots of times.” her son said. “Asthma.” She said, poking a french fry his way, “He’s got it bad. Had it since he was three years old. Uh huh. I had to get rid of the dogs and everything.” Pointing the shake at him, she said, “His daddy has never paid a cent of child support since then.”

So, anyway, my husband is much better with power tools than he is with hand tools. I received two pair of pruners from a tool company to try out before I wrote about them. I suspect the pruning accident happened because my sweetie was i
n a hurry. Even the lawyers from https://www.helpincolorado.com/ said that. A gust front had just blown in and we were about to get some rain.

That’s when he found me. I put my pruners in my pocket and tried to stop his bleeding. Really I was trying to see how much of his finger was missing. Even with all my Red Cross emergency first aid training that I learnt from Kitchener first aid, I thought it best to get to the ER.

That was last spring. The note from the insurance company came this week. Today, while I was mulching, I found a pair of pruners under the rose bush. It was the pair my sweetie dropped when he snipped off the tip of his finger.

While this is not much of a tool evaluation, I’d have to say the pruners are still remarkably sharp, and haven’t rusted even though they have been outside, laying on the ground for four months. I don’t want to say the brand name because this fine lawn and garden tool maker does not deserve to be associated with digit disasters. On their web site, they have a newer version, so I’ll just wait and tell you all about the new pruner.

In summary, always use the best garden tools.
“A clean straight snip across the tip of a finger is much easier to repair,” the surgeon told me. (These Loop Handle Bypass Pruners are comfortable and easy to use. Remember what my mother used to say, “It’s a tool not a toy.”)

And finally, whether you have insurance or not, we definitely need a better health care system in rural America.

Grandpa’s Weeder

Effortless Weed Remover

For almost one hundred years gardeners have used this simple, sturdy tool to extract weeds. Grandpa’s Weeder is the best weed puller ever. It is well made and, I imagine, it will out last me.

Weeding is not the tedious job it once was. There is no pulling, no kneeling and no chemicals, no sweat. Weeding does not get any easier than this.

This simple tool pulls roots without bending, pulling or kneeling. Great for people of all ages. Invented in 1913, with a cast iron head for durability, and a sturdy 40 inch ash handle for easy leverage. Lifetime guarantee. Made in China.
Buy at Ace Hardware, Seeds of Change,
A.M. Leonard,
Amazon.com, Spray N Grow. I even found a good price on eBay.

Weed Slayer, Neighbor Bill demonstrates Grandpa’s Weeder.

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