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GBBD June 15, 2012

Garden Bloggers Bloom Day and Vegetable Garden Report

This is named Watermelon Charm. What a great name for this watermelon colored annual from Proven Winners..












These sweet Superbells survived the winter and are blooming again this summer.

They are Calibrachoas, named Sweet Tart and Grape Punch.






Pepperbox Poppy grown from seed. Renee’s Garden has several varieties of poppies.

Echinacea or Coneflower, Little Annie. Perennials aren’t at their best till they are fimly rooted and call your place their home. I had little hope for Little Annie last year. Now she’s a garden show off.

Calendula in several golden shades is blooming everywhere in the garden, all planted from seed.

Our Garden Bloggers Bloom Day hostess with the mostest is Carol at May Dreams Gardens.

Vegetable garden report. 6/15/12

Cucumbers, tomatoes and beans are blooming away. We’ve picked beans a couple of times already. I’m ready to harvest loads zucchini, as you can see on by my Pinterest Courgette board. Can’t wait to try that refrigerator zucchini pickle recipe.

I pulled up all the lettuce because it was so bitter.The chard is beautiful this summer. Who knows if we will have eggplants, the plants are being eaten up by bugs.

I lifted the garlic this week and it is curing in the shade. There are still onions, shallots and leeks in the garden. I thought I planted too many onions, but not so, we eat more green onions when they are handy and plentiful. The alliums and potatoes are busy growing underground.

We ate our first successful harvest of carrots last night in a cold pasta salad. There are a couple of celery plants, several kinds of basil, 6 or 8 pepper plants just blooming and a few setting fruit.

We will see how long we can stretch the garlic harvest.

GBBD October 2011

Garden Bloggers Bloom Day October 15, 2011.

Sunflower perennial

perennial sunflower

Things at my gardens are chaotic, flowers are running wild trying to get that last bloom on and produce that seed before the first freeze. These are perennial sunflowers.

“There’s no such thing.” said my husband, the botanist.


They look like sunflowers to me and they come back every year. Some times, I try to stake them up, but not this year. Its a riot of yellow sunflowers. Bees love this plant.

Then more chaos. The blank wall in this photo used to have a trellis. Thats it covering the sidewalk. The weight of all the flowers and the wind blew it down. It was too heavy for me to lift up. So I left it down for weeks.

I love these little trumpet flowers. So they bloom where where they lay. A few vines crept around the corner and over the rain barrel.








Marigolds a Russian sage are  always in my garden. Marigolds will broom till the last gasp of fall.








More marigolds, many of them have gone to seed. I collect the seed and mix all the kinds together for planting next spring.



Camomile flowers, so bright and white though no bigger across than a dime.

Thank you May Dreams Gardens for hosting another month of GBBD.

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