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Gardeners Christmas List

What Gardeners Want

Christmas Gifts for Gardeners

Bass Pro in Springfield, MO

Go Caddy

Perfect tote for garden phographers

This Go Caddy can carry more than you might think.  It folds flat and stays in my suitcase, ever ready for my travels.

Askinosie Chocolate

Eating your way to a better world with bean to bar chocolate.

Dark Chocolate

Milk Chocolate


Gator Grabber

Geta Gator Grabber

The Gator Grabber it’s much easier to keep my balance when picking up

pine cone or

black walnuts.


Soap for Gardeners

This Herbaria soap has cornmeal to gently clean hands.



Long lasting

Watch your Garden Grow with Plant Cam

The Plant Cam photos can be converted to movies.

I’m going to photograph my

daffodils and


Watering Can

The Best Gift U CAN   give a Gardener

This U CAN watering can is well balanced and easy to carry.

Plant Cam

Christmas Gifts for Gardeners

Plant Cam the website shows plant cam, bird cam and project cam. I received a free Plant Cam from the makers so that I can evaluate it and write about my experience. I’m staking out Plant Cam to several locations so I can literally see the daffodils and tulips bloom from beginning to end this spring.

Sturdy, weather proof

weather proof timelapse camera,

The time lapse photos blend into a seamless movie of spring in my front yard!
Read the Blog

Find it here: Store Locator

Buy online: Timelapse PlantCam

Price $79.95

More good news: There are tips for movies and e-mailing photos on the website.

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