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Scented or Flavored Sugars Recipe

How to make Lavender or Vanilla Flavored Sugars

L-R small jar of pure sugar; middle, 4 cups of vanilla sugar, and right, lavender sugar

The last of the lavender is blooming. Bees are abuzz. They have hovered aroud the lavender all summer. Noticing the last of the blooms nudged me on make a quart  (4 cups) of lavender flavored sugar.

I always keep these flavored sugars in the kitchen cabinet. Each summer I bake a ohghbpound cake to go with the season’s berries. Substitute lavender sugar for regular sugar in your favorite recipe. Or try Paula Deens Pound Cake recipe.

Pollinators frequent the lavender from the first bloom to the last.

Vanilla Sugar
Vanilla sugar is also easy to make. Substitute vanilla scented sugar in any cake or cookie recipe. It is also good in ice cream recipes.

Vanilla Sugar Recipe
Break whole vanilla bean pod in three or four pieces and distribute throughout a quart canning jar filled with white sugar. Wait 3 or 4 weeks for the vanilla to infuse the sugar. I buy spices from Penzey’s.

I’m making lavender sugar and vanilla sugar. Scented sugar or flavored sugars add another level of flavor to your recipes. It’s my secret ingredient and a sweet and suttle accent to baked goods.

Lavender Sugar
I’m collecting half a dozen lavender flowers to make lavender sugar. A little goes a long way. Lavender can quickly overpower the food it is meant to flavor. Lavender scented sugar adds just a hint of floral flavor.

Lavender Sugar Recipe

Three stems of fresh lavender flowers will infuse the 4 cups of sugar.

To make your own lavender sugar, add three or four whole flower heads in layers as you fill a pint jar with white sugar. Seal and wait two weeks to use the sugar. Test the flavor after the first week. Use a teaspoon of dried culinary flowers if fresh lavender is not available.

Using lavender sugar instead of lavender flowers in baking will add the light touch that will accent a recipe, not overpower it. Sift out the lavender flowers before adding the sugar to the recipe.

Use scented sugar in pound cake and/or the glaze. Substitute lavender sugar for regular white sugar in any baking recipe. Try lavender sugar cookies or blueberry muffins made with scented sugar.

Make scented sugars your secret ingredient. Adding vanilla extract to your baking is optional if you are using scented sugars. Also, try cinnamon stick or fresh mint leaves. If you have pesticide-free roses, make rose flavored sugar.

Make More

If your cake recipe calls for 2 Cups of sugar measure out what you need and sift out nd flower bits. Refill the quart jar with more regular. Tighten the lid and gently shake or roll the jar to mix the new and remaining flavored sugars.

Let your taste or smell be the judge about when to replace the herbs or spices. I bake very rarely, so I refresh the herbs or spices in a quart jar once each year. Wait two weeks to infuse  the additional sugar.


Indigo Rose New Blue Tomato

I’m updating this story very often. Mainly because, it is rare to discover a new wholesome food. There are lots of hybrids out there but this is a completely new tomato. Read more.

Rose Marie Nichols said, “You know Patsy, this tomato has the highest level of Anthocyanins anywhere.”

I just nodded, hoping I appeared to know what she was talking about. But I went flying to the internet to learn more about Anthocyanins. It’s the pigment that makes blueberries blue and the reason they are so good for you.

Scientists are asking if Anthocyanins are helping fight cancer or wrinkles. But we do know that as stated in mybotoxla.com/coolsculpting site, anthocyanins are one of the best reasons we should eat deep colored fruits and vegetables.

Jim Myers, dept of horticulture, OSU is the wizard behind the research. He develops improved vegetable varieties to support gardeners, growers and processors in the Pacific Northwest (PNW).

This tomato plant is still evolving. Buy the time the University has completed it’s research, it is likely Indigo Rose will end up other positive traits like stronger disease resistance.

I grow tomatoes that tell a story, like so many heirlooms do.

Since every other tomato I grow is an heirloom, this is indeed unusual in my experience. I like growing tomatoes that come with a story and a history. Like Granny Cantrell.

Granny Cantrell produces big, one-pound tomatoes in my garden.

Seed from this tomato came from a WW II souldier who gave it to Lettie Cantrell on his return to the US.

Lettie said she saved the seed from the largest tomatoes every year. It was the only tomato she grew in the hills of eastern Kentucky. She grew this tomato every year from the 1940’s until she died in 2005.

I agree with Lettie. The Granny Cantrell tomato is a rich old fashioned beed steak type tomato.

If I could grow only one tomato, it just might be this one with big, red one – pound fruits.

All about Queen Elizabeth

Queen Elizabeth

Queen Elizabeth buds

Queen Elizabeth came home with me last summer. I found her on the discount shelf at Loews. Actually, I found a pair of Queen Elizabeth roses.

This solid pink rose was created in the United States in 1954. Second only to the “Peace” rose, Queen Elizabeth is the second most popular rose ever.

Queen Elizabeth was the first grandiflora rose whose flowers bloom singly on one stem, similar to hybrid tea roses. Grandiflora class represents the first true melding of hybrid tea and floribunda characteristics. From its hybrid tea parent the grandiflora inherits flower form and long cutting stems; from the floribunda side come increased hardiness and prolific, clustered blooms. Most grandiflora roses, although not all, are taller than either hybrid teas or floribundas.

The Queen in full bloom and fragrance.

Bred in the United States and introduced in 1954, ‘Queen Elizabeth’ was the first grandiflora rose introduced. The award-winning, pink-flowered cultivar is probably the second most popular rose of this century, after ‘Peace.’

Queen Elizabeth is truly royalty in the rose world. First of its class, known for its clear pink, double bloom, 4′ – 5’+, exhibition rose, AARS 1955, Portland gold medal 1954, ARS gold medal 1957, Golden Rose of The Hague 1968, World’s Favorite Rose 1979.

My Queen Elizabeth roses are planted in large platic containers. It’s not the most attractive planting, but it allowed me to remove them from their root-bound nursery containers. Once I find the perfect permanent home, they will be transplanted a final time.


Queen Elizabeth in the last days of bloom. Petals are rippled and pale.

So far, they have not had and insect or disease problems. Earlier, I neglected my pruning duties, so they are rather unwieldy in full bloom. Perhaps when the flowering stops, I’ll do a little pruning.

These clear pink blooms may be the perfect addition to your landscape. I found them by accident. But, now that I know how elegant thse blooms are, I am tempted to buy more.

All About Crown Princess Margareta

You catch this scent as you step outside the kitchen door in the morning.

Crown Princess Margareta

After the sun has warmed this David Austin rose, it perfumes the entire garden.

Crown Princess Margareta is an apricot/orange David Autstin rose. It has double blooms and is a short climber. It is one of my most fragrant roses. I’ve been tempted more than once, to just sit down and enjoy the heavenly fragrance from a near by bench.

Princess Margareta flowers are filled with petals, it doesn’t seem as if you could tuck in one more sweet apricot petal in this rose. The flowers are so full and heavy, that they are best admired on the plant. As a cut flower, the blooms are so heavy that the stems cannot support them. The flowers quickly  tilt their faces down in the vase (but, oh, the fragrance!)

Crown Princess Margareta of Sweden was the granddaughter of Queen Victoria and was an accompished landscape gardener who, together with the Crown Prince (later, King Gustavus VI Adolfus of Sweden), created the famous Swedish Summer Palace of Sofiero in Helsingborg. And this bit of trivia lead me to the fabulous Sofiero gardens:


Rhododendrons in bloom at the Sofiero castle in Helsingborg, Sweden.

The main attractions of Sofiero are the Rhododendron gardens, with almost 500 different varieties.


Oso Easy® Paprika Rose


Paprika starts out bright orange and yellow

This little rose bush just makes me smile. It’s colorful, covered with blooms, needs no pruning, spraying or chemical treatments. What could be better than a carefree rose?

The specifications say these little shrub rose bushes reach 12 to 24 inches, however mine is well over two feet tall. Oso Easy® Paprika rose is extremely disease resistant. I have not needed to spray or prune in the four years I’ve had it. Even better, no need to deadhead.

Starting out as a beautiful orange and fading to a soft coral with a yellow center, Paprika will bloom summer to frost. The spicy orange repeat blooms cover this rose bush beginning in late spring. Mine is covered with dozens of flowers and it is mid May. After occasional flowers during the heat of a very humid, zone 6 summer, there will be an early fall flush.


Flowers start out bright and fade to soft yellow

This one inch bloom is a rich orange color and fades to light yellow before the petals fall. The bright green foliage just seems to compliment the spicy colored flowers.

Paprika would flower more if I fertilized. However, it gets compost once a year, lives in a well drailed, raised flower bed and gets a leaf mulch before winter. Who knows how gorgeous Parika could be if someone paid attention to it?

Find a retail dealer at  the Proven Winners website.

2011 AARS Dick Clark

Dick Clark Rose

Every bloom is different

Meet the 2011 All America Rose Selection: Dick Clark. This grandiflora is a chameleon of a rose. When these black-red buds open, it is always a surprise. No two blooms are the same.

There are more than a dozen flowers on the bush but no two are the same. The petals ripple with color. There are softer pink and yellow blooms and some bright fluorescent pinks. If you have room for just one rose, consider Dick Clark. It is like getting a bouquet cut from several different rose bushes.

Sometimes the blooms are cream edged and blended with cherry pink. In the sun, the petals may take on a blush of burgundy or a deep dark red. The color is always a delightful surprise.

I moved this rose closer to the patio just so I could enjoy the color show and the mild spicy fragrance. The smell is a sweet mild cinnamon. This May, my Dick Clark rose is covered with blooms.

When the hot, humid summer heat of zone 6 weather hits, the blooms will disappear. When it gets cooler, there will be a last hurrah of blooms.

I have not sprayed, chemically treated, or deadheaded this rose. It does need a good pruning just to keep a manageable shape. After the flush a blooms slows down, I will trim Dick Clark later this summer.

I recieved this rose bush as a trial, before it even had a name. So when the rose won the AARS award, mine was well established and waiting to be christened “Dick Clark.”

Dick Clark Rose

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