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Frankly Scarlet from All American Daylilies.

I want to tell you about one of the standouts in the front garden. Frankly Scarlet

Frankly Scarlet is a rebloomer. photo: All American Daylilies

from All American Daylilies. A daylily that is not to be ignored, with 4″ diameters and sun-fast red blooms standing tall above the dark green foliage.

Being a daylily enthusiast, I have quite a collection. Even though the blooms only last a day, the plants produce several blooms, lasting for weeks. With so many varieties blooming at different times, there is a daylily of some type blooming in the front garden all summer long.

Daylilies require little care once established, but demand attention for their brilliant fade resistant colors. This Frankly Scarlet gets a little late afternoon shade. And, who can’t appreciate a bit of shade during the heat of Missouri summers?

This daylily has been in my garden for 4 years. It’s time to dig and divide. Frankly Scarlet daylily will have even more hardy blooms once once it is divided and has a little more room to grow.

  • Heat and Drought Tolerant;
  • Good for Erosion Control; Salt Tolerant
  • Excellent Rust Resistance

This lovely flower bloomed like the star she is and then continued to thrive during last summers drought. I suggest you buy one of these rebloomers. In no time you will have dozens.


Frankly Scarlet has won awards as a landscaping plant. They are truly beautiful in a broad swath of color, perfect for a border or lining a sidewalk. Daylilies are also ideal for erosion control or planting on hill sides too steep to mow.

‘Ruby Frost’ Coreopsis

Look for this plant

Repete bloomer great for the butter fly garden

This fringed hybrid tickseed is a scarlet color with white edges. It is a survivor of last years dreadful record breaking heat. It loves full sun and is hardy in zones 6-9. This is not your normal sunny yellow tickseed. The plant wizards at Terra Nova have exploded the Coreopsis color pallet with major breakthrough colors.

Really, if a plant can make it in my gardens, it definitely thrives on neglect. All these long bloomers got from me was water and a rare light feeding. Deadhead old flowers and you will be rewarded with repeated blooms all summer.

Break through color in coreopsis

I’ll be looking for Coreopsis ‘Ruby Frost’ again this year. It was a bright spot in a full sun raised bed sorrounding the patio. Bees and butterflies love it. Go to the Terra Nova site to find the closest retailer. Terra Nova has a bright selection of Coreopsis, and some real standout Heucheras.

Terra Nova are the creators of the Echinacea ‘Tomato Soup’ and Echinacea ‘Now Cheesier’. Don’t even get me started on coneflowers – these breeders have raised the bar on Echineacea.

Bee and butterfly magnet, Ruby Frost

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