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Wilted Lettuce

Get out your biggest bowl.

Spring greens mixed with onions and radishes.

Spring greens mixed with onions and radishes.

Wilted Lettuce. When Grandma asked me what I wanted for supper, I said wilted lettuce.
“You and Rex,” she said. “I think he could eat a dish pan of wilted lettuce.”
Grandpa Rex and I loved wilted lettuce.

Not a spring lettuce garden goes by without several servings of wilted lettuce on the menu.

In restaurants the closest you will get to this dish is “Spinach salad with hot bacon dressing.”

To make Wilted Lettuce and the get the recipe go to:

How to make wilted lettuce

Have you tried Flashy Trout Back lettuce?

Mature lettuce has burgundy colored speckles.

Mature lettuce has burgundy colored speckles.

It is very popular now. If it is too late to plant lettuce, order seed for a fall crop.

‘Flashy Trout Back’ is a romaine lettuce, fully mature at 55 days. It is crisp, crunchy and spattered with dark wine colored splashes.

Young Flashy Trout Back leaves are lighter colored and especially  popular with thelocal baby rabbits.

Young Flashy Trout Back is especially popular with the local baby rabbits.

You can harvest baby greens, which are much lighter colors.





Hungarian bread seed poppy

Hungarian Bread Seed Poppy. photo by PBH

Original recipe published as Strawberry Spinach Salad with Poppy Seed Dressing in Taste of Home April/May 2012, p59 The original Taste Of Home Poppyseed dressing. 

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