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Copia tomato

Season Finale

Very different looking  tomatoes when sliced. But all the tomatoes are slightly sweet and juicy. Photo: PBH

I am pulling the last of the tomato plants for the year. But before I do, I picked a half dozen Copia tomatoes.

No two are the same. Thin skinned. Easy to peal. Beautiful canned. Photo: PBH

For my zone 6, southeast Missouri garden, these tomatoes were mid to late producers. Copia was the last full size tomato that I picked. (It was also in the last BLT of the season.)

These tomatoes grow on big, sprawling vines. Place sturdy stakes or cages early.

Hub Pages has all the info on the beautiful and tasty heirloom.
Read More: Best and Beautiful Copia heirloom tomato.

I bought seeds at Baker Creek Heirloom Seeds. Each packet contains 20 seeds. Save any extra seeds in a cool, dry, dark location. You should be able to use these seeds for the next couple of years.

A cross between’Green Zebra’ and ‘Marvel Stripe,’ both excellent heirlooms. Photo: PBH.


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