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Lawn and Garden Products that Work

On my blog, Oh Grow Up!, I promised to tell you about the LEHR Eco Trimmer that I won at the Spring Fling in Chicago. We have a one acre lot, which loosely translated means, hours of trim work every week spring to fall. A few of the other sponsors at SF09, included some old friends like Renee’s Garden, Garden Shoes Online and Troy Built.

That’s my sweetie in the front yard using the propane EcoTrimmer by LEHR .


Beginning with the propane powered Eco Trimmer, LEHR is committed to our customers, their neighborhoods and the environment. Everything that carries the LEHR name is designed and developed to be cleaner, greener, and more user friendly than comparable products on the market.


LEHR products truly stand by their commitment to be cleaner, greener, and more user friendly.My husband, was eager to use this trimmer as soon as we got home from the Garden Bloggers in Chicago.

With the first use, I noticed it was a lot quieter than his gasoline powered trimmer. Start up time is faster and less messy with the Twist and Go propane tank than mixing the gasoline and oil.

Since he was the actual product user, I’ll quote Jeff.

“It has more torque, it’s quieter and a canister of propane lasts longer than a tank of gasoline on my old one.”

And then, he said, “I don’t know how you want to say this, but the LEHR trimmer wasn’t smokey or smelly and it did not give me a headache, like the old one.” That was perfectly clear to me, so I’m reporting exactly what the user said.

I am a retired environmental educator, so I’m always suggesting environmentally friendly products as we replace old equipment. Jeff has to be convinced. “If it’s not broke don’t fix it,” he’s quick to say. But this time, when he tried the Eco Trimmer he changed his tune. Jeff has two working trimmers, but he always reaches for the LEHR. Sorry to be tardy in my letter of thanks for this superior product, but I wanted to see which trimmer he would reach for when he had a choice.

He chooses the LEHR Eco Trimmer, every time.

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