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Becky’s Flowers (exclusive)

delivered October 17, 2013

Wishbone Flowers, Torenia


Wishbone Flower (Torenia) has bloomed nonstop since it was planted. Photo: PBH

Becky, these flowers are just for you. I don’t think anyone else has them in the entire State of Kansas. These are flourishing on the patio in a raised bed. I wrote about these sweet flowers on my hub pages. Catalina® Grape-O-Licious Wishbone Flower (Torenia hybrid).

This annual came in a box full of trial plants from Proven Winners in the spring. Everything else went into containers and hanging baskets. But Grape-O-Licous requires part shade.

On the patio, it has full afternoon shade. Our rainy spring saved it from total neglect on my part. It blooms continuosly and has spread into a rich green plant nearly a foot across.  It makes a delightful ground cover, blooming non stop until first frost.catalina-grape-o-licious-torenia-mono

This Torenia hybrid is offered in three color choices: Gilded Grape, Midnight Blue and, Grape-O-Licious. The one pictured here is Catalina® Grape-O-Licious (white with deep purple throat).


This flower is special, and that is why it is Becky’s Flower today. Other folks can find it in the independent garden centers and big box stores in the spring of 2014. This one’s for you, dear Becky. 


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