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Today’s Harvest Basket 7/7/14

Today’s Harvest Basket July/7/2014

Big vegetables

Zucchini, onions, tomatoes, cucumbers, scapes

Zucchini, onions, tomatoes, cucumbers, scapes.

Love those foot long Chinese cucumbers. The organic Chinese cucumbers, “Suyo Long” picked early are already crisp and crunchy. I’ve eaten these while standing in the garden. Just snipped off the vine and cleaned with a swipe across my jeans.


There’s enough zucchini to make a chocolate zucchini cake.  And a side dish of zucchini with garlic and onions for dinner. And a cold rice salad with zucchini. After all that, this squash is still so good. Picked fresh then made into a dozen different recipes we love.

The seeds we planted were three years old. Everyone came up.

The seeds we planted were three years old. Every seed came up.

Zucchini is a “use it or lose it” vegetable. Canning or freezing summer squash is usually a disappointment.

Find some of our favorite zucchini on Pinterest Courgette (zucchini) Everything

Don’t miss this recipe: Easy Pickled Zucchini from Zuni Cafe

This Hub Pages recipe uses a ton of zucchini: Enchilada salsa with zucchini  Add to enchilada filling or tortilla soup.

Yellow onions

Candy – Globe shaped yellow onion is mild and sweet.  Good soil and plenty of water means big, long keepers. It’s too early to pull all the onions in the garden.

This spring, I ran out of room and planted a few onion starts in the containers marked for tomatoes. With the regular watering and extra boost of fertilizer these onions grew up big and fast. I pulled these yellow onions from the pots where tall staked tomato plants are crowding out any other plants.

These big Candy onions are 3"in diameter.

These big Candy onions are 3″in diameter.

With the regular watering and extra boost of fertilizer, these onions grew up big and fast. This is an onion in need of a hamburger. Don’t you think so? Imagine a thick, whole slice of mild and sweet onion on top of a burger just off the grill.

These onions are weighing in between 13 and 15 ounces.  They are easy to pick because they look like they are just sitting on top of the ground. We will let the top completely dry before cutting off the top leaves and bottom roots.

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