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The Last Tomato

 Tomato reviews

A big green Omar’s Lebanese tomato will ripen to a juicy pink, almost red color. The last tomato of the season is also the biggest one of the year. As the green tomatoes slowly ripen, we’ll have home-grown tomatoes for at least a week.

The best of Dr. Carolyn Male’s extensive 1995 heirloom tomato trials, Omar’s Lebanese Tomato.

This is the day a gardener runs out to the garden gathering up the last vegetable remnants of the season. The kitchen counter is heaped with any tomato with a touch of color. They will ripen gradually, depending how ripe they are when picked.

Garden season is nearly done for me. There’s still sweet potatoes to dig and garlic to plant. The stars of the garden, tomatoes, herbs and peppers are finished in the garden.

Best Big Tomato

Omar’s Lebanese

Omar’s Lebanese is an heirloom variety from Omar Saab of Lebanon. This pink indeterminate grows big tomatoes on heavy vines that must be strongly supported or staked.

An heirloom grown by farmers in a Lebanese hill town, it is a juicy and meaty beefsteak type tomato. The regular leaf plant produces  irregularly shaped 1-pound+ tomatoes mid to late season.

Some of the tomatoes in my garden suffered from blight. But Omar’s Lebanese was producing hefty fruit on healthy vines right up until the freeze.

Pick all tomatoes with a hint of color. Extend the tomato season by a week or two.

It’s been a great run, home-grown tomatoes June to October.





Best Dwarf Tomato

 Bush 506 Container Tomato

Bush 506 is drought tolerant and blemish free.

Bush 506 dwarf plant, full-sized tomatoes.

The earliest tomato and one of the latest tomatoes on the deck is the Bush 506 Container Tomato. This dwarf bush tomato plant will only reach 18-24″ tall and has a medium-large sized red juicy fruits.

They are great for container growing as the plants stay compact and have thick, upright stems producing 9 oz. fruits. Bush 506 is a good choice for dwarf size plants that produces full-sized tomatoes.

Bush 506 produced the earliest and latest tomatoes of the season.

Best new cocktail tomato

Red Racer F1, cocktail tomato

Red Racer, perfect red, round, tomatoes

On June 7, I planted 3 tomato plants sent by Harris seed. I planted the Red Racer 2018 AAS Edible – Vegetable Winner. Red Racer, a cocktail size tomato, producing small, round red fruits.

Although larger than cherry or grape tomatoes, cocktail tomatoes are a smaller variety tomato. These round, red, blemish free cocktail tomatoes have a good sweet/acid balance.

The compact determinate plants produce fruit a week earlier than comparison plants. They thrived in the planter boxes on a deck in the full sun. Red Racer is a great choice for small spaces and container gardens.

MPG The best dwarf tomato plants

MPG Best dwarf tomatoes

My Garden Post

Dwarf tomato plants are ideal for small garden spaces and container gardens on the deck or patio.

MGP tomatoes. Dwarf tomatoes for My Garden Post. Tiny plants bursting with classic home-grown fruit and flavor.

Bush 506 Container Tomato produces 9 ounce fruit-growing 18 -24 inches tall.

New Big Dwarf tomato. Photo: http://www.tastefulgarden.com

  • This dwarf bush tomato plant will only reach 18-24″ tall and has a medium-large sized red juicy fruits. They are great for container growing as the plants stay compact and have thick, upright stems and they produce loads of 9 oz. fruit. One of the few full-sized tomatoes designed for container growing. 62 days Plant from The Tasteful Garden


New Big Dwarf Heirloom Tomato (This heirloom was “new” in 1915.)


The plants are “Dwarf” but the tomatoes are 8-12 oz. beefsteak. 60 days! (Plant from The Tasteful Garden The thick, sturdy stem of this small plant is strong enough to handle the weight of regular sized tomatoes.


“Litt’l Bites” Cherry Container Tomato

tomato-cherry_bites-02A sweet, cascading bite size tomato Early and compact, just 20 inches wide and 12 inches tall. (Seed from Renee’s Garden Exclusive.)

Dwarf tomato plants grow 24" tall.

Dwarf tomato plants grow 24″ tall.

Tomato success tips:

  • Keep tomatoes picked to encourage continuous production.
  • Watering schedule will need to be adjusted as the days get longer and hotter.
  • With little root space available in the planter, plants must be supported with good potting soil, once or twice daily water and regular diluted fertilizer or extended release fertilizer as recommended.

You might also want to try BushSteak Hybrid Tomato a Burpee Exclusive with compact (20-24″) plant. compact (20-24″) plant.

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MPG Diary May 6, 2015. Tomatoes. III PBH

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