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Secret Valentines

When we were courting, my first husband gave me flowers all the time. He always brought me flowers. It is one of the reasons I fell in love with Jules.

He doesn’t bring me flowers anymore. Thank heavens. After we were married, instead of buying flowers, he bought me three acres. Now I grow my own flowers.

These days, if my husband bought Valentines Day roses, I might reply – in a most loving way, of course – “Are you nuts? We can’t afford roses in Winter!” Joint bank accounts and the frugal habits of a gardener will win out over seasonally inflated prices every time. Jules is my first and only husband and lifetime valentine.

Young women sometimes sit around waiting for flowers to be delivered to them. It takes a while to figure out that we get much more when we give. When we get a little older and wiser we know that sending secret valentines and friendship cards is as heartwarming as finding one in your own mailbox.

Drop a valentine in the mail to someone who might not get one. Warm up a frosty February day with a random act of kindness.

We make a living by what we get, we make a life by what we give. – Winston Churchill

A Garden Lovers Valentine

These are the kind of flowers a gardener loves to get:

Shirley poppies are a fragrant heirloom

Valentine’s Day Special at Renee’s Garden 20% off through Feb. 14 on selected “lover-ly”  flowers  that are sure to win the heart of that Special Someone.

I, of course, went a little nuts ordering Shirley Poppies, “Falling in Love” (Papaver rhocas) because I think you can never have too many poppies. There are other selections in this sale, including a fragrant heirloom sweet pea.

Most new or inexperienced gardeners wait too long before they plant poppies. In my zone 6 garden, I will sow poppies in Feb or March. I direct sow these teeny, tiny seed in the garden two months before  tomatoes.


Oh, attention sweethearts everywhere: though it is a loving gesture, the purchase of flower seeds does not let one off the hook for chocolate.

See you in Renee’s Community Garden.

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