Grateful Gardener

You’ve been hearing us talk about Spring Fling 2009 in Chicago.

Garden Bloggers Bloom Time

Webster says a Busmans Holiday is a holiday spent in following or observing the practice of one’s usual occupation.

Gardeners and garden bloggers from across the country gathered at their second annual gathering, the Spring Fling for Garden Bloggers. This year, we were in Chicago. The best part for me is to actually meet these people that I have come to know and count as friends.

Our sponsors have been generous, many are lawn/farm/garden suppliers that we, as passionate gardeners, have known for years. For example, when I moved to a home with three acres, one of the very first things I bought was a pony Troy Built Tiller.

I used that tiller for years, and even loaned it out to a lot of neighbors. That Troy Built tiller taught me one
thing. Investing in good tools is well worth the money. Buying good garden tools makes a gardeners life easier. You don’t have to worry about tools breaking or failing when you are just starting a gardening project.

So when the garden bloggers gathered, some of the sponsors were old friends of ours. Troy built came by to say welcome and thank you. Troy Built would be singing to the choir to tell this group of gardeners about their quality products. I know their garden equipment is great. I want to thank them for their sponsorship. I didn’t win the Troy Built prize, still I’ve had years of never-fail use from their equipment.

LEHR is a new product name to me. LEHR is dedicated to a cleaner planet through environmentally friendly technology. Immediately, I know I am going to like this company.

I was lucky enough to win their propane powered eco trimmer. LEHR is committed to their customers, their neighborhoods and the environment. Everything that carries the LEHR name is designed and developed to be cleaner, greener, and more user friendly than comparable products on the market.

On my blog, Oh Grow Up!, I’ll tell you all about it. We have a one acre lot, which loosely translated means, hours of trim work every week spring to fall. A few of the other sponsors included Renees Garden, Ethel Gloves , and Garden Shoes Online.

We concluded the bloggers gathering with a visit to Garfield Park Conservatory. Jens Jensen (1860-1951), the architect, designed interior rooms to look like outdoor landscapes. Jensen placed plants directly in the ground and framed views by keeping the center of each room open, with a fountain or a naturalistic pond as the centerpiece.

Gardening is a lot of work. It’s our job. Our hobby, our pastime, and what we do to relax.

Guzmania ‘Sir Albert’ Bromeliad

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9 responses to “Grateful Gardener

  1. Dee/reddirtramblings

    PB, I don’t know how you got all of their names in there, but you did. Loved seeing you in Chicago. Loved it!~~Dee

  2. Kylee from Our Little Acre

    Hi Patsy! Soooo good meeting you this weekend! Missed you being with us at the conservatory today though.

    Where was that group pic taken? Mom and I missed it! I’m still slogging through all the ones I took. It’s going to take me forever!!

    Congrats on winning the Lehr trimmer! Wasn’t the reception fun? The whole weekend was fun! 🙂

  3. I have no idea where that pix was taken. I’m not in it either.
    I was at the conservatory. Thats where I got the bromeliad photo.

  4. Kylee from Our Little Acre

    Gosh, Patsy, did I see you at Garfield? I’m so confused about who and what I saw where this weekend!!!

  5. Hi Patsy, it was a pleasure meeting you at SF – I’m so glad you decided to come!

    The group photos came from the Chicago Botanic Garden visit Friday morning. The Garden had a photographer on hand when the two groups arrived, and snapped a couple of keepsake photos for us.

    It was a pleasure sharing a cab with you and Nancy Sunday, visiting the conservatory, and taking our El ride through the trees of Garfield Park. I’m glad we finally had a chance to visit on Sunday, and glad you got home safe and sound.

  6. I'm the new intern at Renee's Garden Seeds, and I'm just thrilled to see that the bloggers @ Spring Fling liked our seeds. Thanks for the link back to our site!

    P.S. We're doing a little contest on the blog — Hummingbird & Butterfly Garden theme. Still a good time to plant them!

  7. Patsy, it was nice to get to know you at dinner on our first evening and then to wind up the event with our ride to the airport together. So glad you got home in good form.

  8. It was nice to meet you, Patsy. Getting to know the people behind the blogs is the best part of Spring Fling.

  9. Patsy, It was great to meet you last weekend at Spring Fling. We didn't get much time to chat, but I did realize later that you are absolutely right–Cape Girardeau is not on I-57:) The whole weekend was unforgettable, and the gifts from sponsors were an unexpected surprise. Congratulations on winning the Lehr trimmer; sounds like you will put it to good use!

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