Todays harvest basket 7/9/15

Todays harvest basket

July 9, 2015

zucchini, cucumbers, cherry tomatoes, green beans

zucchini, cucumbers, cherry tomatoes, green beans

Zucchini is coming on daily. So far, picking squash when it is 6 or 7″ long, is working. I see a chocolate zucchini cake in our future…

Green beans  are in a small patch we must collect a few pickings for a meal. In a couple of days, cucumber production will explode. For now, there are enough cucumbers for fresh eating.

There are plenty of Sun Gold cherry tomatoes for salad every day. The few red slicer tomatoes from My Garden Post were used for the first BLT of the season.

Summer harvest of onions and garlic.

Summer harvest of onions and garlic.

Read about the garlic and onions curing in the shade on the porch. Its garlic season

Best tomato plants for containers

is all about the first juicy red tomatoes of the season. Those early  full-sized tomatoes were grown on two foot tall plants!

Bush 506. First full size tomato to ripen, 5-oz.

Bush 506. First full size tomato to ripen, 5-oz.



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2 responses to “Todays harvest basket 7/9/15

  1. Patsy, I’m the hort advisor for Renee’s Garden – I read a post about seasoning celery from a couple of years ago. I have a question from a woman in a very cold climate wondering how to winter over the plants which are very small now. Did you hear from anyone who gave you an idea about this? I don’t think they are hardy enough to stay outside, but if you don’t have a sunporch, say, would you take them into a basement and let them be dormant? I’d appreciate any advice you’s share with this California girl! Thanks, Beth Benjamin

    • Beth, I have not over wintered seasoning celery. I start seed indoors in March, transplant outdoors in Mid April or May. I would treat it like you treat parsley in that area. Some years, not often, it comes back (surprise!) But I still grow new plants every year.
      I am sorry I can not be more help. But thank you for asking.

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