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Becky’s Flowers

Sunflowers! Becky, they remind me of you. Sunflowers make me happy.

Here’s to sunny days!  True, the sunflowers aren’t even planted yet. But they will be.


Musicbox 2 1/2′


I’ll be taking pictures of all of them when they bloom. I grow them for the birds (goldfinches) but the squirrels get their share.

Some are pollen free, so they are not messy and make wonderful bouquets. They are top-heavy sunflowers, so they seem to like heavy glass pitchers or old crocks as flower vase.



Valentine 4-5′

You’ve seen a lot of different sunflowers in my garden. I can never have too many sunflowers.

Anyway, Becky, these sunflowers make people happy and I think that is one of the reasons they remind me of you.



Snack seed 6-8′

The birds and the squirrels get all the Snack Seed sunflowers. Sometimes, if I can get out there before that trashy little squirrel tears them up, I’ll cut a few seed heads to dry. In the winter, the birds flock to these seed treats.

When I was on my knees weeding, last summer, I heard voices. But we couldn’t see each other.” Jean, look! That‘s  a red sunflower!   (She was pointing at the Chocolate Cherry .)


Sun Samba

Sun Samba


These mixed sunflowers are just like planting surprises. You never know exactly will come up, but you know you are going to like them no matter what.


Chocolate Cherry 6-8

Chocolate Cherry 6-8



Sunzilla 10-16


The neighbors, a couple of houses down, thanked me for growing those long tall Sunzillas. “We sit on the porch every afternoon and it looks those sunflowers are smiling at us.”


Oh, and the red sunflowers? Well, when I stood up, I think I scared the crap out of my visitors. One made a little yelp.  And they grabbed each other.   “We didn’t know anyone was here!” she screamed at me. “WE ARE SORRY!”

“Well, you are always welcome in my gardens,” I said.


*Becky Funke is in a hospital that does not allow flowers in the rooms. So, not to be deterred, I’ll send them on Pinterest. You can stop by her CaringBridge site to leave well wishes and get updates. Her family keeps the site up to date.

 All of the sunflower seeds are from Renee’s Garden  The sunflowers have beautiful photos and planting/care guides online at Renee’s GardenOn Facebook.

Garden Blog Bloom Day

GBBD July 15,  2013

Having moderate temperatures and plenty of rain makes for a happy garden.
Yesterday, a neighbor a couple of houses down said, “Your sunflowers look like they are just smiling at us when we are sitting on our  patio. We enjoy them so.”

tall sunflowers

Tall sunflowers and the LBND.( the little boy next door.)


“Your yard is putting on quite a show for us this year.”


I grow these for the birds. The squirrel thinks they are his own private picnic.

I grow these for the birds. The squirrel thinks they are his own private picnic.





I have hundreds of these. Maybe thousands. Or at least it seems like it.

I have hundreds of these. Maybe thousands. Or at least it seems like it.



I love cone flowers.So do the birds.

I love cone flowers. So do the birds.

It’s been a mild summer and we’ve had plenty of rain. The  flowers are at their best and there are so many more. You are always welcome in my garden. We will have another flower post as soon as I get out there and get done picking beans and squash.

For more Garden Blogger Bloom Day posts visit Carol’s blog May Dreams Gardens 















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